The conscious listening game.

Dive deep into your psyche and listen to what reflects back to you.

What is One Circle?

One Circle is a self-reflection and feedback loop game for friends, family, lovers, co-workers, and acquaintances. 

There are two versions of the game: Version “One,” share your experience, answering intimate questions, and Version “You,” others answer questions in regards to you.

Version “One”

Express Yourself

With a full set of 100 thought-provoking questions, each play answers questions to understand each other better, sharing intimate experiences and details about oneself.

Version “You”

Feedback Loop

With a set of 100 interpersonal questions, each player will gain anonymous feedback and advice from friends, family, lovers, co-workers, and acquaintances in four categories: Career, Relationships, Intimate, and Lifestyle.

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One Circle “You”


What People Say

I thought it was really weird to find out what people think of me, but I was able to absorb the advice of my close friends.

Kimberly WilsonStudent

It was the best way to explain to my team why I work a specific way. I know there are things I do need to work on, and it was clear when my team had to remind me.

Nikki MerkersonEntrepreneur

I loved this game. It gave me a better understanding of my relationships and a reminder of things I should continually work on to be a better version of myself.

Nicole SmithAttorney

It can be hard to hear hard truths, but at the same time, it is good for you. I was able to see things from different perspectives based on the experiences of others. I truly appreciate the feedback.

Kala RigginsBrand & Content Strategist

About One Circle Game

When was One Circle created?

The first round of One Circle was played with Post it in Winter 2019 with friends. The idea was to gain feedback and advice as opposed to creating a Vision Board for 2020. The game was played with co-workers, family, and lovers amongst different groups for months before designing the game for everyone.

How do you play One Circle "One"?

  1. Place the Pile of Cards in the middle of the Players.
  2. The player with the First Letter of the Name is closest to the Alphabet’s beginning, draws the first card, and the order is clockwise.
  3. The player reads the question and answers.

How do you play One Circle "You"?

  1. Each player takes a card and writes their Name under the Name Underline.
  2. The Oldest Player or Group voted to pick a question out of the book and read it aloud.
  3. Each player gives their name card to the player to their left and answers the question on the card.
  4. Continue to rotate the cards to the left, each player answering the same question for each name card until the Name of the card returns to the original person.
  5. The Oldest Player rereads the question, and the Youngest player reads the answers written on the back of the cards first.

When will One Circle "You" be available?

One Circle “You” will be available in early 2021.


What is your return policy?

If unsatisfied with the game, returns are 100% refundable. Please email us about a return and payment will be shipped within 24-48 hours.

How do I contact you?

For any questions or concerns, email us at

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